Approved Bloodlines
The following list includes all currently approved and pending bloodlines on Eternal City.

Bloodline Description Parent Clan Disciplines
Lamia Loyal guardians of the death scholars Cappadocian Auspex, Fortitude, Necromancy, Potence
A bloodline is a distinct lineage descended from one of the Thirteen clans of Caine. It deviates from its parent clan in several ways. The mystical augmentations of their blood are expressed through unique powers, sorceries or blood weaknesses.

All bloodlines gain an additional Discipline considered in-clan, and they do not necessarily reflect their parent clan's powers. These signature gifts cannot be learned by outsiders, even by diablerie. In addition, all bloodlines inherit a secondary weaknesses along with their parent clan's inherent frailty.

Cainites in a bloodline share special familial bonds that can be traced back to their founder. Bloodlines occur through bizarre confluences and esoteric rituals, as Methuselahs and ancients delve into the unholy mysteries of Caine's curse. Affinities of the Thirteen great clans may be expressed in sharp relief among strains of a bloodline, such as Lasombra touched by proximity to the Abyss or disease-carriers among the Nosferatu.

Gaining a Bloodline:
  • Awakening: A Cainite of Generation 2 or higher can join her Sire's bloodline (if any). She spends 1 Willpower and performs the "lineage rites" to awaken the mystic properties shared during the Embrace.
  • Anointing: A Cainite of Generation 4 or higher can be anointed into another bloodline of her parent clan. She must consume 2+ points of blood from a member of that bloodline, which may subject her to blood bonds. She must also be taught the mystical "anointing rites" to force her blood to adapt the mystic properties shared during the Embrace.
  • Creation: A Cainite of Generation 6 or higher can start her own bloodline. It costs 1 Willpower and an extended period to warp her blood.
Creating a Bloodline
A powerful vampire can distill the mystical properties in his blood to create a wholly new bloodline. This process alters his vitae in unpredictable ways that diverge from the inherited curse passed down from his clan's founder. Changes can take years to fully manifest, though the catalyst may be anything from exposure to a supernatural curse to sinister experiments with blood magic.
  • Prerequisites: Generation 6, no existing bloodline

The process to create a bloodline is fairly straightforward from a mechanical perspective. It may take a vampire weeks or months to develop the power necessary.

  • Determine theme of new bloodline.
  • Determine parent clan.
  • Identify parent in-clan disciplines.
  • Define bloodline weakness.
  • Describe signature discipline (levels 1-5) or 'adopted' Discipline.

Signature disciplines do not exceed level 5. Only the Antediluvians possess sufficient potency of the blood to generate such fully fledged powers, or so it's rumoured. The Baali try to tempt the power hungry with promises otherwise.