Wanted Concepts
The following concepts are specifically sought for plot purposes.

Race Type Concept Status
Vampire Ventrue Acolyte in the Cult of Mithras Open
Vampire Nosferatu Advocate for clan supremacy in the Eternal Senate Open
Vampire Brujah Carthaginian War military historian Open
Vampire Malkavian Diviner of harrowing omens Open
Vampire Malkavian Fraudulent soothsayer in the College of Augures Open
Vampire Salubri Infernalist hunter Open
Vampire Any Loyal opposition member of the Court of EvernightOpen
Vampire Toreador Luxury dealer Open
Vampire Lasombra Mystery cult leader Open
Vampire Brujah Neo-Carthaginian subversive out to gain Brujah control over Rome Open
Vampire Any Noddist scholar of the mysteries Open
Vampire Ventrue Patrician clan adviser Open
Vampire Toreador Plebeian information trader Open
Vampire Salubri Shepherd of the mortal herds Open
Vampire Lasombra Spy network master Open
Vampire Nosferatu Subura gang leader Open
Bastet Bubasti Isis cultist/Setite hunter Open
Bastet Bagheera Reluctant envoy for ward restoration Open