Kingdom Era
  • 753 BCE: Founding of Rome.
  • 509 BCE: Tarquinius, last king of Rome, is overthrown. The Republic begins.
Republican Era
  • 387 BCE: Rome sacked by the Gauls after the disastrous battle of the Allia.
  • 343 - 290 BCE: Rome conquers most of the Italian peninsula during the First, Second, and Third Samnite Wars.
  • 264 - 261 BCE: The First Punic War.
  • 208 - 201 BCE: Rome defeats Carthage and repulses Hannibal in the Second Punic War.
  • 149 - 146 BCE: Third Punic War. Rome destroys Carthage.
  • 148 BCE: Macedonia and Greece are conquered.
  • 91 - 88 BCE: Roman allies revolt in the "Social War."
  • 88 - 82 BCE: Roman civil war ensues after General Sulla seizes power from the Senate.
  • 58 - 51 BCE: Julius Caesar subdues Gaul (France).
  • 54 BCE: Caesar invades Britannia (Britain).
  • 49 - 31 BCE: The Civil Wars rage between Caesar and the Optimates, a senatorial faction supported by Pompey. Caesar's nephew Octavian continues the wars until 31 BCE.
  • 44 BCE: Julius Caesar is assassinated. Octavian and Marcus Antonius hunt the assassins.
  • 31 BCE: Octavian defeats Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius at Actium. Egypt becomes a Roman province.
  • 27 BCE: Octavian receives the title Augustus, ending the Republic.
  • 25 BCE: Spain is subjugated.
  • 23 BCE: The Empire begins as Octavian gains control of the state for life.
  • 20 BCE: Great Temple in Jerusalem reconstructed.
  • 16 - 9 BCE: Campaigns against Germanic and Celtic tribes in Noricum, Pannonia, and Germania.
  • 9 BCE: Ara Pacis Augustae completed.
  • 5 BCE: Birth of Christ.
Imperial Era 
  • 9 CE: Battle of Teutoburg Forest, loss of 3 legions.
  • 14 CE: Augustus Caesar dies. His adopted son Tiberius becomes Emperor.
  • 23 CE: Rome seized by a climate of fear after the heir presumptive, Germanicus, is put to death by Emperor Tiberius.
  • 26 CE: Sejanus gains imperial authority as Tiberius retreats to private life, effectively retiring as emperor in all but name.
  • 37 CE: Tiberius dies. Caligula becomes emperor of Rome.
    • An era of violence and suspicion grips Rome. Estates are seized and great families exiled or executed. Prominent men level accusations to deflect imperial interest from themselves.
  • 39-40 CE: Caligula stages mock campaigns in Germania and Britain. Jews revolt in Judaea when Caligula's statue is erected in the Temple.
  • 41 CE: Caligula is deposed and assassinated. Claudius reigns as emperor.
  • 43 CE: Present time.
    • Emperor Claudius announces plans to invade and conquer Britannia. 

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