• Nickname: Gorgons
  • Parent Clan: Cappadocian
  • Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Necromancy, Potence*
  • Symbol: Medusa's head
Clan Weakness:
The Lamia spread a wasting disease with their bite. Anyone fed upon must make a Stamina roll (DC 8). If the victim fails, he contracts a Black Plague-like pox that is fatal within several days without supernatural assistance.

Any vampire that consumes Lamia blood becomes a carrier of the disease until all of the Lamia vitae had been purged from her body.

The Children of the Dark Revelation

The Lamia are a bloodline sprung from clan Cappadocian. Their founder, Lamia, read the apocryphal "Revelation of the Dark Mother," a heretical tome that contained ancient rituals that promised to unlock great power to defend those worthy enough to claim Lilith's hidden secrets. Visions granted during the sacred rites altered the Cappadocian elder's blood greatly and enabled her to become a formidable guardian of the reclusive death mystics. She swore herself in service; her lineage does the same into the Nights of Antiquity.

Lamia's childer developed a reputation for ferocity on the battlefield and deference in service to the Graverobbers they exclusively assign themselves to. Cainites rumour the Gorgons experience similar visions as Lamia did during their initiation that gives them a strength of soul and body. The harrowing experience cements their unswerving loyalty to their parent clan and feeds their cold rage.

The bloodline's guiding prophecy has a heavy fatalism that expresses itself in their very vitae. The weakness proves a double edged sword. Certain death isolates a Lamia to concentrate upon his chosen task and provides fodder for his necromantic talents.