Vampires in the Eternal Senate use a corrupted form of the Roman clientela system of patronage. The patron (patronus) maintains a network of clients across clans and Tribunals. The patronus acts as a protector, sponsor, and benefactor to a client. She might support a bid to gain a title in a Tribunal or provide monetary assistance. In return, the client provides services ranging from political support in a coup to guarding a herd of valuable kine. Though Elders are typically patrons, age is not the main factor for whether a vampire is a patronus. A highly active Ancilla may possess greater prestige, wealth or influence than older clientele.

Characters may choose one of three primary patrons during character generation.

Name Clan Tribunal Focus
Cornelia Tertia Ventrue Patricians Matriarch of a Cainite gens, bloodline development, diplomacy, engineering, Third City supporter
Ectoris Lasombra Augurs High priest of a mystery cult, hunting Infernalists, Path of Night, religious cults
Titus Marcius Nosferatu Plebeians Leader of the Triumviri Nocturni, controls Urban Cohorts, gang informants, information broker, Subura slums