This page contains resources about the city of Rome, the Imperial period, and White Wolf products. Let us know if you have a recommended site to add.

  • 1st Century Rome: PBS' excellent introduction to Roman society in the game's era.
  • UNRV: A comprehensive site with a good focus on culture, government, and the legions.
  • BBC History: Rome: Articles about Roman life and history.
  • Orbis Maps: Distances to major cities and provinces in the Empire.
Roman Culture:
  • Roman Names: Conventions for how to pick a name.
  • Lacus Curtius: A superlative site for geographical information and English translations of important Latin and Greek writers.
Film and Television:
  • Rome: HBO's watershed program covers the collapse of the Republic and the rise of Imperial Rome. The story plays with history, but the visuals are extraordinary.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Spartacus, and its miniseries successors, shows the political divisions and violence in the legendary civil war period that preceded the Empire.
  • I, Claudius: This 1976 series has its flaws, particularly in the depiction of Empress Livia, but contains an outstanding theatrical presentation of vicious imperial Roman politics. Emperor Claudius is early into his reign as the game begins.
  • Gladiator: Russell Crowe's gladiatorial biopic shows the decline of the Imperial golden era, but the breathtaking visuals and social friction are well worth the time.