Senate Laws 




Laws of the Eternal Senate

Kindred members of the Eternal Senate follow "The Camillus Edicts," laws established by the Pater Patriae in Rome's early nights. Any vampire who wishes to be in good standing pays lip service to the laws. Tribunals and the Pater punish violations, and neonates or outsiders can expect little protection -- at least in theory. In practice, the vampiric Senate is no less free from corruption, bribery, and nepotism than its mortal counterpart.

First: Dominion

  • All of the territory of the civilized world is also our territory. We determine the divisions of domain. A vampire who denies tribute to us forfeits claim to the Blood.

Second: Destruction

  • No citizen of the Eternal Senate shall be put to Final Death without the express legal sentence of the Pater or the Tribunals. All citizens are entitled to defense of dispute.

Third: Amaranth

  • All Kindred of Rome are forbidden the heartsblood of another vampire without the Eternal Senate's leave. Cannibalism is the tool of the Baali. Those who violate this commandment risk empowering our enemy.

Four: Dispensation

  • A vampire's childe does not inherit citizenship until recognized by the Eternal Senate in deed and action. The master will stand before the Senate and Tribunals to account for any errors or dishonour committed by his progeny.

Five: Discretion

  • Conduct your affairs beyond the view of the city's kine. Citizens in violation of this edict will brought before the Plebeian or Patrician Tribunal for judgment. No Kindred is permitted to interfere with the Imperial family or the Caesar on pain of final death.