This sturdy young man epitomizes the new moneyed provincial. He stands close to 5'5" tall, his body toned and rather fit. An absence of scars tell of a life of luxury. Curled black hair and his olive skin show all the signs of regular, fastidious grooming. His dark brown eyes spark with emotion, his square face stoic against those unwanted impressions. His flowing garments are kept immaculate and unstained as he can manage, the cream toga absent of a border or any stylization except the pins he wears at his shoulder. Solid leather sandals sport a copper disc at the ankles.


Fabricius Domitius is well-known as a man who pursues the finer things in life. He smiles at anyone who condemns him as a wastrel, and there are a good many of those sticks in the mud. He profits off Romans claiming to have no time or interest in exotics from the eastern provinces. Handsome income affords him the means to live very well in the Eternal City, and he's not too proud to push the limits on acceptable dress and displays of wealth.

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